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Riddell Lee

At this point I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of fanfiction, but I’ll sum it up just in case. Fanfiction are unofficial spinoffs of story that’s not in the public domain. So like, exploring what might have happened if Obi-Wan and dropped Leia Skywalker on Tatooine instead of Luke or sorting Harry Potter into Slytherin. Now I know what you’re thinking – aren’t those protected by copyright? Well, as it turns out, as long as you don’t buy or sell and write as a fan for fans, most author’s don’t mind it. But yah know, just in case, here’s a disclaimer:

All publicly recognized characters are the property of their respective owners. Riddell Lee is not affiliated with J.K. Rowling and writes fanfiction out of love.

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How to Write: Severus Snape

I always get weird looks when I say that Severus Snape is my favorite character. I mean, let’s face it — he is kind of a terrible person. So let’s not confuse my appreciation for his character with condoning his flaws. In fact, I’d say that it’s because of those flaws that I gravitate toward reading or writing fanfiction where he is a major character. But this isn’t supposed to be a defense of Severus Snape, no — this is how to write him.

Harry Potter and the War of Ideology

Anyone who knows me can tell you about my passion for the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. My mother read me the books until I could read them myself and I have never been the same since. But even though I can spout trivia for days on end, reiterate passages verbatim, and quote the films in their entirety, there’s something I can no longer ignore:

I’ve outgrown the story.

Only A Boy


Merlin had fulfilled his destiny. Albion was alive and beautiful, and magic was no longer feared in the land. But nothing ever lasts, does it? Memories gone, and in his ten-year-old form once more, he’s traveled over a thousand years in the future. Now, he has a new destiny: He has to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hide the fact that he’s Merlin, and defeat a Dark Lord that’s messing with magic he knows nothing about.

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