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I won’t repeat everything I said in my Muse Bunny Newsletter so here’s the most important takeaway: more content inbound! Now, I’d love to dedicate all my time to writing fanfiction but we all know I can’t make money off that. I will be splitting my attention between original endeavors and fanfiction. My original work will of course take priority until I have enough to support myself, but the plan is to keep it within 1-2 months for chapter updates. Which means the next one should come sometime this month—it’s about time I figured out how deadlines worked.

So what else am I working on? A lot as it turns out. I’ve got an original vampire novel in the works, going to start up my blog in earnest, and posting my LARP adventures. Like I mentioned on Muse Bunny, A few of my friends have expressed interest in reading what I get up to as my character, and since I write it all up anyway so I don’t forget—I might as well post it for public enjoyment.

It’s also about time I started posting Meta articles. I have one that’s been requested a few times on how I write the character of Severus Snape—and then I’ve got a rant on the Cursed Child that’s been a long time coming. If you enjoy stuff like this, feel free to suggest a prompt!



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