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Have you ever wondered what might’ve happened if you were a character in your favorite movie? Or wondered about different endings to a book? What if Princess Leia had been raised on Tatooine and Luke Skywalker by the Rebellion? Or, what if Harry Potter had been sorted into Slytherin not Gryffindor? There are a million ways to explore the narrative of an existing work. Your own deleted scenes, a change in relationship dynamics, a dramatic twist in the main plot, or what if everybody’s in high school?

Welcome to the world of Fanfiction.

As a literary genre however, fanfiction doesn’t have much of a reputation. Aside from the clear wish fulfillment fantasies it embodies, a large portion of the stories are posted online by young authors in their raw unedited form. The worst of the pieces are the ones drawn into the spotlight. My Immortal, ringing any bells?

Now, I could get into how this is a gross misrepresentation. I’m looking at you, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’ve read many better fanfics but we’d be here all day if I went into that, so you can read more here.


Current Project

Only A Boy

Merlin had fulfilled his destiny. Albion was alive and beautiful, and magic was no longer feared in the land. But nothing ever lasts, does it? Memories gone, and in his ten-year-old form once more, he’s traveled over a thousand years in the future. Now, he has a new destiny: He has to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hide the fact that he’s Merlin, and defeat a Dark Lord that’s messing with magic he knows nothing about.



  • Softly Sinister Slytherin

    Sometimes you just gotta write for yourself. That’s probably why I enjoy fanfiction as much as I do. There are so many different variations to play with, and I won’t deny that sometimes I get lost in the mental exercise. Well, for whatever reason, this particular plot bunny just wouldn’t leave me alone. I have […]

  • Victory Day

    A flash fic for Victory Day, commemorating the Battle of Hogwarts. Canon DivergentFlash FictionHarry PotterLength: 573 The first time Astoria Greengrass saw Hogwarts, a turn on the traditional journey across the lake, she stood a little straighter and decided she would make her family proud. She couldn’t wait to attend class, make friends, go to […]

  • Chapter One: The Promise

    His Brother’s Keeper The pieces are starting to come together, but while Merlin struggles with his fame and Silas coming to Hogwarts, strange things are happening around the world. Wizards have gone missing, muggles have been murdered, Snape hates the new Defense Professor, and the revelation that Silas’ brother is being held at Azkaban inspires […]

  • How to Write Severus Snape

    Alan Rickman as Severus Snape I always get weird looks when I say that Severus Snape is my favorite character. I mean, let’s face it—he is kind of a terrible person. So let’s not confuse my appreciation for his character with condoning his flaws. In fact, I’d say that it’s because of those flaws that […]

  • Thus Sayeth Me

    Only A Boy Publish on Wattpad His Brother’s Keeper Begin Chapter One   Original Novel Yeah, it’s gonna have Vampires   Adventure Update You know, just my life Meta & Rant How to write Severus Snape LARP Everyone, this is Kazimiera Krakówia CONCERNING UPDATES I won’t repeat everything I said in my Muse Bunny Newsletter […]

  • Only A Boy: Early Plotting

    The Beginning of Only A Boy Considering that I like to share my writing process and would eventually like to provide some academic pieces on Writing Fanfiction, I figure there’s no better way to start than to share some early plotting from my fanfiction series, Only A Boy. I’ve done as little editing as possible […]

  • Clever Fox: Enter Naruto

    Smart!Female!Naruto – A darker and more realistic retelling. The idea kept kicking around in my head so I caved and wrote it down. Not sure whether this will become an official project of mine though. Alternate UniversePlot BunnyNarutoLength: 2,766 Konoha just didn’t know what to do with its new Jinchūriki. Emotions wrought with pain after […]

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The Author

I’m a 2015 graduate from the University of Washington, with a Bachelor Degree in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis. I’m a huge nerd, enjoy binge-watching television, and suffer from extreme wanderlust. My real name is Sarah Gronostalski. This space here is for all my fanfiction endeavors, which I have much affection for and is what got me writing in the first place.

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